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We are a team that collaborates with you to produce an engaging

event that will touch the lives of everyone who attends.

At Paradise Travel, we feel that your event should be much more than just,

well... an event.  There are many pieces of the puzzle that must come

together to make a conference or seminar successful.

There are audio-video components, even live-streaming.

There's customer service from the initial registration

deposit through the end of the conference.

Housing.  Marketing. Dining. Entertainment.

Transportation. Everything must sync perfectly for a

successful event to take place.  And taking it a step

further, you want the message of the conference to

penetrate the heart of each attendee.

Something that will truly make a

difference in their lives.

This is why it's so important to have a group of professionals

with the experience to make a successful event happen.

Paradise Travel is that group of professionals.

No matter what type of venue, from a hotel

convention center to a cruise ship on the way

to Alaska, we have the experience and expertise

to handle the logistics of putting it all together.

Whether it's a spiritual event, a political

conference, a fan appreciation get-together

or an instructional seminar, fill out the short

form below and let's talk.

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