Special Events @ Sea

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Family reunion cruises offer a unique, 'hassle-free' setting where everyone,

young and old can enjoy a vacation at their own pace.  

Maybe you've re-connected with old friends on Facebook. 

Now it's time to catch up in person.  What better way than a  FB Reunion @ Sea!  

Something that's increasing in popularity are high school senior trips at sea.

Organization and club events at sea, like scrapbooking, are a great way to bring

something fresh and budget-friendly to your next special group event.


Not only are these events affordable, but in most cases, up to 35% less

than land-based events. Depending on the cruise line and your

departure date, four day all-inclusive cruises are available

for less than $300 per person!

​The biggest difference in a land-based get-together vs. a cruise is the number of things to plan.

  • A land-based event requires careful planning of meals, entertainment and activities.

  • A cruise requires none at all.  Your accommodations;  a variety of meal choices; and entertainment & activities onboard ship are all included in your cruise pricing.  

  • Every cruise line has age appropriate programs and activities for children. That gives you plenty of 'adult- time' with your friends and family members while children are having fun in a supervised environment.

We'll use the same expertise we use in our corporate and entertainment events to help you plan

your special event @ sea, so you can have as much fun as the rest of your family or friends.  

What a lot of people don't realize, it doesn't cost you any more than if you booked  

it yourself.  We get paid with commissions from the cruise line that we're eligible

to receive, because we're authorized travel agents.

If you would appreciate more information about an Event @ Sea,

just fill out the form below, click Submit and we'll get back

to you with information on how to get started.