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There are several options for group travel events,

but our specialty is group cruises!

When it comes to an organization or company event, training seminar or corporate

meeting, there's nothing quite as unique as an interactive specialty group cruise.  

Most land-based events all offer the same experience in terms of food

and banquet selections, entertainment and activities during that event.  

When we ask people, "Would you prefer going to an event

at a hotel convention center, or on your way to an exotic destination

like Bermuda, the Caribbean or Alaska?", we always get the same answer.  

Only 24% of the U.S. adult population has taken a cruise, which means cruising is

a new and exciting travel experience.  A sea-going venue offers many

advantages for your group.  We'd like to suggest 'thinking outside

the box' and trying your next event at sea.  

Here are key benefits for choosing a cruise for your event.


  • Great Value.   Cruising offers your guests an incredible value for their dollar.  In fact, they can save up to 40% over a comparable land-based hotel or resort.  Unlike most land-based events, one price includes gourmet dining; accommodations (including  complimentary room service); a variety of onboard activities and entertainment; VIP access to all your events not available to anyone else on the ship; and no extra charges for meeting space, AV equipment, beverages or clean-up.


  • Superior Service.  The staff to guest ratio on a cruise ship is generally three times greater than a hotel or resort.             Your guests will receive more personalized and attentive service.


  • Incredible Dining. You'll enjoy gorgeous ocean-view dining rooms, intimate specialty dining rooms and casual poolside grills; an extensive variety of menu choices with unlimited servings; and many options at no extra charge for guests with special dietary needs.


  • Adventure and Convenience.  Your group can visit multiple destinations with comfort and ease on a cruise ship with no extra packing and unpacking. Each day in a new port brings the anticipation of exploration, discovery and adventure.


  • Better Overall Experience.  Instead of your event taking place in an urban hotel setting, it takes place on the way to a beautiful destination like the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii or Alaska.


  • Building Relationships.  Success in life comes from building strong relationships.  That's why Facebook and Twitter are so popular.  Usually when a speaker or performer finishes an event, they go out the back door and the audience goes out the front. Having an event in a captive, controlled and relaxed environment like a cruise ship with a variety of 'common areas', gives you plenty of opportunities to build a strong personal connection with your group.

Princess Cruise Line was so impressed with how well we organized

our Alaska adventure with the Osmonds, they asked us for

an interview.  This will give you some insight

into a Specialty Group cruise.

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