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How do I book an event with Paradise Travel Groups?

You may book an event with us either by calling us at 888.470.1879, filling out the Online Deposit Form under the Booking tab for your specific event, or by mailing your reservation form (from a brochure) along with your deposit to our address: 3000 Green Mountain Drive/ Suite 107-321/ Branson, MO 65616.


What will I need to book my reservation?

To book your reservation we will need the legal name for each passenger as it appears on their passport; each passenger's date of birth; physical address for each passenger; email address for each guest; phone contact information; and payment information such as credit card number, credit card billing address and security code.


When is the latest I can book a reservation for an event?

There is no set deadline, but selection and availabilty becomes limited as the event gets closer.  Generally speaking, the earlier you book, the better the selection and the better the pricing.


Will my credit card automatically be charged for final payment?

No, we will not automatically charge your credit card, unless you indicate that you want us to do so.


Is pricing per person?

Yes.  Unless otherwise noted, all pricing is per person based on double occupancy (two passengers) sharing the same cabin.


I am traveling alone and would like a roomate.  How does that work?

We will do our best to help,  however, we suggest you exhaust all possibilities of finding someone you know to travel with you.  Spending several days in the same cabin with someone you've never met, could be the longest several days you've ever spent. What we normally do is give your information to another single traveller and encourage you to at least get to know each other over the phone.  Find out a little about them, maybe what their sleeping habits are like; do they tend to be messy, etc.  If the each guest is comfortable rooming together, we will make individual reservations for each guest.


May I use a credit card for my payment?

Yes.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


May I request a specific bed type?

Yes you may.  You can request the type of setup when you book your reservation. Most staterooms are available with either two twins or on queen/king.


Can you book my flights and pre/post cruise hotel?

We would be happy to help you with your airline and hotel arrangements.  Just call our office at 888.470.1879.  Because airlines do not pay travel agent commissions, there is a nominal service charge if we book your flights.


Do you have any tips on booking my own flights?

We always suggest you book your flight so that you arrive at the departure port the day before your cruise leaves.  This eliminates the risk of a missed a flight connection and not making it to the ship on time.   In regards to your flight after the cruise, we highly recommend you don't book your return flight to leave before noon. Bear in mind, there are a lot of guests from a variety of cruise lines that are all heading to the airport at the same time.  It's always better to wait a few minutes than miss your flight altogether.  When booking your flight, we recommend the website FLYR. You have the option to lock in your pricing for seven days and there is a graph that indicates airfare pricing pretty accurately, as to whether it will trend up or down.


Can I book my cruise directly and just pay extra to join the event?

In order to participate in a Paradise Travel Groups event, you must book your reservation through us.  We are unable to accommodate a request to join one of our events after you book directly with the cruise line or another travel agency.

The only option you have would be to cancel your booking with your current provider and re-book throught Paradise Travel.


Why is the pricing for your group events higher than I found on the cruise line website?

There are several reasons.  1) The pricing most cruise lines post on their website is usually a highly restricted category with  restrictions like being non-cancellable and non-refundable.  And there is a limited amount of inventory in each category.  2) Amenties like onboard credit or other special benefits are not included in the pricing for individual cruises.  3) There are expenses associated with the promotion and execution of specialty group cruises that don't apply to individual cruises like; accommodations for the artist(s) or speakers both on and off the ship, travel to the event for artist(s) or speakers, honorariums or fees for the artist(s) or speakers, promotional costs for brochures,videos,  and advertising, and a variety of other expenses associated with the event.  However, most people agree that the added value of a specialty group event far out-weighs the additional cost.  Bear in mind, all the special functions and VIP activities that pertain to our group are not available to anyone else on the ship.


What is the Conference Fee?

The conference fee covers the costs associated with the performers, artists, speakers or special guests; accommodations, travel expenses and honorariums.

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