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How does the price of a cruise compare to a hotel?  

Dollar for dollar, when you compare a cruise program’s cost and inclusions to a hotel, you’ll see a huge price benefit by selecting a cruise.

Why is a cruise ship a better option than a land-based venue? 

The benefits are endless! A ship visits multiple destinations, and offers much more to do and see. The all-inclusive nature of a cruise saves you time and money while simplifying your meal and entertainment planning. With today’s competitive cruise prices, you can save up to 40% as compared to land programs.

Will guests feel confined?  

Not at all, especially on some of the larger ships. On board these floating resorts, there are plenty of activities, entire decks of sports and entertainment facilities, and lots of space to explore. And of course, you can be on land in different ports-of-call during the cruise.


What is there to do onboard ship during the day?  

Because cruises always have a a wide variety of activities and events going on around the clock for attendees and their guests, you don’t have to worry about entertainment and activities to keep everybody busy during their free moments.

What types of meeting facilities are available onboard ships?  

Almost anything you can find in a hotel! Cruise ship meeting facilities range in size from executive board rooms for 8 to show lounges with capacities of over 1500.

Are there ships available for group sailings of less than seven days?  

You bet! In fact, there are more options than ever for 3, 4, and 5-night itineraries anywhere in the world.

Is there internet service available onboard ships?  

Almost all of today’s ships have wireless capability in Internet Cafes or WiFi spots throughout the ships. Some even have wireless access in the staterooms for personal laptop use. There is a charge for this.  Be sure to check for special pricing on embarkation day.

Is there phone and fax service on ships?   

All ships have phone and fax service, and many ships also have mobile phone service capabilities. 

Can I use my cellphone?  

Yes, cell phone service is available onboard the ship, however, International Roaming rates will apply. Please check with your cell phone service provider to determine what the charges will be.

Do guests need passports?  What about U.S. Passport cards?  

'Closed loop' cruises that start and end in the U.S. do not require passports.  However, passports are still required for international air and sea travel and recommended for all cruise passengers. However, new wallet-size U.S. Passport Cards are less expensive and might be acceptable for U.S. citizens cruising in Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, and some Caribbean islands

How are group cruises rated by your guests?  

In all our years of fulfilling specialty group cruises, we’ve NEVER operated one that wasn’t an enormous success. This isn’t surprising, given the high repeat factor for cruises in general.

​Can Paradise Travel help with airline arrangements?  

Yes, we can arrange airline reservations for you. Please call us for a quote on round trip airfare when your travel plans are firm. Actual ticket price is determined at the time payment is made and tickets are issued.

Are hotel accommodations pre and post cruise available?

Yes, we'll be happy to arrange hotel accommodations for our guests before and after the cruise.

Will our guests get seasick? 

Seasickness is very rare on modern cruise ships. All our ships are equipped with stabilizers which are designed to keep them smooth and steady in the water. If you should feel queasy, medicine is available from your cabin steward, the Information Desk or from the doctor.

Are there restrictions for guests traveling with an infant or while pregnant?  

Yes, the cruise lines do not accept bookings for infants 6 months or younger on the date of sailing, or from women who will be 25 or more weeks pregnant prior to the conclusion of the cruise.

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