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As a faith-based travel company, we're passionate about Israel and realize the impact

it can have on people's lives.  We would be remiss if we didn't offer you the opportunity 

to experience the Holy Land and several other tour options relating to the Bible.  

Ask anyone who has been there and they will tell you it is without a doubt,

a 'life changing experience'.  It changes the Bible from black & white

to living color.  Seeing is truly believing!


When it comes to tours of Israel, we offer a couple options with something for everyone.

One of our suppliers is a company that enables us to offer you the choice between several

pre-planned tours or the option for groups of twenty-five or more to customize their tour.

This company is the largest organizer of Christian tours to the Holy Land in the country.

Over the last 44 years, they have taken literally hundreds of thousands of people

and have worked with some of the largest ministries in the world.

In addition, they offer tremendous value in terms of pricing.

For a Holy Land tour that is very unique from a Jewish perspective, we have a good

friend who lives in Israel that specializes in tours other providers simply don't offer.

He combines his tours to the Biblical heartland with archeology and Bible prophecy.

During your visit to Judea and Samaria, you'll see Beth El, Hebron, Shiloh and Mt. Ebal.

And it's all put into proper context with Bible-believing tour guides.

Give us the opportunity to make your trip to Israel the best it can be!

We also offer a variety of other Biblical trips and tours. 

For information on all our tours & packages, just click below.

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