Personal Travel Planning

Paradise Travel specializes in interactive group travel.  However, a lot of guests who attend

our group events have asked if we also handle personal vacations, trips and tours.

We have assembled a team of certified travel specialists who are very

knowledgeable in a variety of individual vacation options including:​​

                                                                        All-inclusive resorts


                                                                                Disney vacations & cruises

                                                                                European tours

                                                                                Foreign & Domestic River Cruises

                                                                                Hawaii, the South Pacific & Australia

We appreciate your trust in us as we plan your personal vacation.  We adhere to the same

high standards of customer service, continuing education and product knowledge

that have made our group events so successful.  Our main focus is to make

your experience stress-free and memorable in every way, as we provide you

our award-winning service from the start of your trip to the very end.

After all, your trip should be a lot of fun!

​Why use a Travel Professional vs. booking your own vacation?

1. Buying travel is a unique purchase because you're buying a product and a service.  A travel agent knows how to sell both parts, the airline, resort or cruise line that best match your needs, and the service that will guarantee a seamless and stress-free vacation.

 2. A travel agent can make sense of the multitude of offers from cruise lines, airlines and hotels.   This year travel companies are offering more brands than ever before in history. A travel professional can decipher the differences and choose the one that fits your requirements.

3. Travel professionals save you time and money. Travel agents make their money in commissions they earn from travel suppliers, built into the price of a trip, that are not available to you, the consumer.  If the trip or cruise you desire costs the same amount of money, why wouldn't you want the help of a professional who knows the ins and outs of the business?  And many times they can get you upgrades, perks and conveniences because they know what to ask for.

4. A travel agent has your back. When things go wrong, a travel professional knows whom to call and get it fixed on the spot. When you have questions, you've got someone you can access any time, that will provide the right answers.

5. Knowledge is power.  From visa and passport requirements, to the best restaurants in town, a seasoned travel professional has the inside information that will make your trip perfect.  Travel agents have access to supplier 'fam' trips, so many times they know first hand how to help you because they've been there or have at least studied a particular destination in depth.

We would love the opportunity to serve you and your personal travel needs.

To help us get started on the right track, please take a moment

and fill out the information form below.  

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